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Call it balanced, optimal or “just right”. Whatever you call it in your business the concept is the same. You want just the right amount of investment in your business to help drive positive financial results and information technology is often a significant portion of business initiatives.

At Bliss Consulting, we work to keep the focus on what a business needs, when it needs it. We don’t steer customers toward the latest in technology just for the sake of keeping up with technology. We work with customers on comprehending the business relevance of technical solutions they are considering.

Bliss Consulting offers software development, project management and coaching services.

For more information, contact us at:
info@kansascitysoftwaredevelopment.com or 816-399-3656.


Software Development
It all begins with a build versus buy analysis. Why invent what may already exist? Once a decision has been made to build a custom application or customize an existing product, rest assured that our development focus will be on delivering software features with quality in mind from the beginning.

Project Management
More than just updating a project plan, effective project management involves communication, decision making and keen insight into the dynamics of IT projects. One methodology does not fit all. Results-driven project management focuses on getting the most out of available project resources. Let our experience help you manage specific projects or assist in defining your own project management approach.

Social Profiles

Ever thought it might be useful to have an expert at your side while you tackle certain projects? We can create a customized coaching engagement to work with you at defined steps throughout your next project or as a part of improvement efforts for existing projects.

IT Outsourcing
Outsourcing has its place and has been a part of business for generations in one form or another. While it’s often not the complete solution, when done right, IT outsourcing can offer competitive advantages to most organizations. We can help you implement the optimal mix of outsourcing resources for a specific project or for ongoing IT efforts.

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